Flowers of the Month?

Flowers of the month! Well, I must admit that creating this Plant and Flower Guide is not only a lot of fun; it also gives me a lot of satisfaction. I pay a lot more attention to the natural world when I am outside. I start noticing a lot more plants and flowers and details related to them that come along. I gain more and more insight into the natural… every day!

What a joy to go outside for a walk and to see a sea of various blossoms emerge throughout the year! Every month is different. And well, the winter months are maybe not that spectacular in this respect, but then, I turn my attention more to indoor plants. And yes, not to forget the botanical gardens and also zoos I like to visit… they all have greenhouses, with countless flourishing, mostly exotic flowers! There is always something new to discover!

So, I invite you to come along on my journey through the year!

I am currently living in Europe in a temperate climate. So, naturally, my selection of flowers will represent this region. I know that this website has a constantly growing number of visitors from all over the world. Soon, I will adjust this page in a way that you can leave your comments and pictures. Share with me and countless other flower enthusiasts what your favourite flowers of the month are!

Ok, let’s get started…

Merry Month of May

Yes, around here, this is really a merry month! More and more flowers, trees and shrubs are blooming! What a colourful month! There are countless shades of greens, yellows, reds, blues…you name it.

Rhododendron Flower, Lilac Flower, Lily of the Valley Flower, Peony Flower, Columbine Flower

flowers of the month of may are rhododendron flowers flowers of the month of may are common lilac flowers flowers of the month of may are lily of the valley flowers flowers of the month of may are peony flowers

The weather did turn colder and wetter again a couple of days ago, but despite this, nature is flourishing. The bees are busy, the first butterflies are searching for delicious nectar plants, and the birds already have hatched their eggs and raise their children. I can hear them chirping away all day long!

what do snails eat

And then, terror strikes!

The snails are on their campaign to strip the garden bare! On rainy mornings I catch them eating my young morning glory flowers (Ipomea tricolour), my Australian daisy flowers and my alyssum flowers!

And who said that these little monsters are slow? They munch away these no-no goodies at high speed! And mind me, they could feast on all the wild greens just across the garden fence…

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