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Lily of the Valley Flower

Lily of the Valley Flowers – Flowers of the Month of May!

The scientific name Convallaria majalis says it all: this is definitely a May flower because the name means, “belonging to May”! Other two common names also refer to the month of May: May lily and May bells. They are sometimes also called Our Lady’s Tears and Lily Constancy.

lily of the valley flower is scientifically named convallaria majalis and flowers in may

This woodland flower likes to grow in shady places. It is an excellent groundcover plant that propagates and spreads easily through underground stems called rhizomes.

It is so nice to see these lovely lily of the valley plants with their filigree flowers in gardens and in woodlands. They can grow into huge colonies in the wild and in parks (and in your garden if you do not keep them in check!).

I just love it go for a walk on warm and sunny day in May and discover these flowers in the woods! Then I know that spring has definitely arrived! The cold and snowy days are gone for good.

The lily of the valley plant has distinctive, little, white flowers. The flowers are bell-shaped and hanging in pairs from an upright stem. The flowering period is rather short, just a couple of days in May. But the foliage with its nice mid-green colour remains from spring to autumn and covers the ground.

The flowers release a delightful, rather strong scent. The fragrance may overpower everything else in a big lily of the valley colony. If you are sensitive to strong scent you may want to reconsider to plant this plant in your garden!

Tip: If you love the intense scent you can cut the flowers and place them as a fragrant spring flower bouquet inside your house – you will soon sense the lovely scent in your whole house!

And why not treat yourself or someone else with a lily of the valley perfume?

Enjoy this fresh, fragrant touch of spring!

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