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Daisy Flowers

When I think of Daisy Flowers I remember a game I liked to play as a child: I would ask a question that could be answered by yes or no. Then I would pick the flowers one by one, saying yes no alternately. The last flower I pulled out was then either a “yes” or a “no” – and my question was answered. Of course, when the preferred answer did not turned out I would repeat the game until the right answer would come up.

Daisy Flowers

Also, when we were children we liked to pick wild bellis perennis flowers and put them together to make daisy chains and used them as bracelets, necklaces and crowns. I remember that it was so much fun to assembles the flowers and skill was needed as well. As children we always thought that the results were splendid!

The flowers and leaves of are edible flowers. The flowers make a nice looking condiment in a salad or as a sandwich topping. The leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. Why not give it a try?

Actually the daisy plant flower is not one single flower but is made up of many small individual flowers. The central core consists of tiny florets arranged in opposing spirals exhibiting the Fibonacci sequence. The outer ring of flowers consists of petal-like ray florets that are much bigger than the core florets.

There are several varieties of daisies that can be easily grown. They are ideals flowers for every garden. These plants like to grow in sunny locations. They need to be watered regularly during dry seasons.

Daisy Flowers

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