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Morning Glory Flowers (Ipomoea)

Morning glory flowers belong to the family Convolvulaceae with several thousand different species.

They surely make pretty and easy to grow garden flowers!

Some species of morning glories are night blooming flowers (moon flower). Yet, most species bloom during the day. The flowers come in different colour shades. The blue morning glory is very popular (e.g. the heavenly blue morning glories) as well as the purple morning glory, the red morning glory and the white morning glory. These beautiful flowers are always a delightful eye-catcher!

Some species grow in vines, others in bushes. Some are perennials, some biennials and other annuals. The variations are almost countless. The choice is yours! Pick whatever suits your personal preferences and your garden best.

Morning Glory Vines

Morning glory vines are the most popular morning glory plants in the garden. These climbing vine plants have tendrils showing thigmotropism. Therefore, they need a holdfast to support their growth.

They also need sunny places to grow rapidly, especially during the morning hours (hence the name morning glory). Every flower opens once in the morning and wilts after a couple of hours. The next day, other flowers will bloom.

Plant them next to a wall or fence and watch and enjoy them growing and blooming!

Growing Morning Glories

Growing morning glories is quite easy because these plants are frugal. First, choose a morning glory plant. All species have about the same basic growth requirements.

Plant the seeds no earlier than one week after the last frost. Soak the seeds in warm water for about 24 hours before planting outside.

Although, you can also grow the seeds inside about 6 weeks before its time to plant the germinated seeds outside.

Provide a holdfast if you have chosen a morning glory vine plant (check the seed package for information on the height requirement). Choose a full sunny site with average soil. Mix the soil with some compost, if you have it available.

Make 8 cm deep holes in the soil and plant the seeds. Water them regularly, do not drown them, they can easily take some draught.

Fertilize the plant later in summer and let it thrive. Prune it in early spring to promote growth in the coming growth season.


Morning Glory Seeds

The seeds of many morning glory species contain hallucinogenic substances. The can produce a psychedelic high, similar to LSD. Its use has a historical tradition in many cultures. E.g. the Aztecs believed that they could connect with the sun gods through these seeds.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine uses morning glory seeds to cure constipation.

All the traditional uses are based on experiences over a long period of time. Do not experiment with these substances, because they can have severe detrimental effects. Leave it to the experts!

Pictures of Morning Glory Flowers

Pictures will follow soon! Please be patient, thanks!

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