Night Blooming Flowers

Some Night blooming flowers (sometimes also called night blooming plants or moonflower) open their blossoms in the late afternoon, others in the evening and at night. The main pollinators are moths, beetles and bats (in warmer regions).

Night Blooming Flowers

A common characteristic feature of these flowers is their fragrance. And it is this feature that leads the night insects to them. Night insects have a great sense of smell. Just think of the feathery antennae of night moths.

If you love sweet-smelling flowers it is a good idea to plant some flowers that bloom at night in your garden. Just imagine sitting on the patio on a mild summer night, with a glass of wine and enjoying the fragrant smells surrounding you provided by brilliant flowers. Life cannot get any better!

Popular night blooming flowers include:

Cestrum nocturnum - Night-blooming Cestrum, Lady of the Night, Queen of the Night, Night-blooming jessamine, and Night-blooming Jasmine

Oenothera species - Evening-primroses, Suncups, and Sundrops,

Ipomoea alba – Moonflower, Moonvine (a relative of the morning glory flowers) Nicotiana alata - Winged Tobacco, Jasmine Tobacco, tanbaku, Persian Tobacco

Matthiola bicornis - Evening-scented Stock

Nymphaeas – Night blooming water lilies (Nymphaea lotus and cultivars: Adele, Albert d’Archence, Armand Millet, Arnoldiana, B.C. Berry, Bisseti, Brazos White, Catherine Marie, Charles L. Tricker, C.E. Hutchings, D.R. Francis, Columbiana, Delicatissima, Dentata Grandiflora, Dentata Magnifica, Dentata Superba, Diana Grandiflora, Frank Trelease, H.C. Haarstick, George Huster, Indica Brahma, Indica Hofgartendirektor Graebner, Indica Isis, Indica Spira, Ineta Ruth, Iverny, J.C. Walsh, James Gurney Jr, Janice Ruth, Jennifer Rebecca, Jubilee, Jules Vacherot, Julius S. Walsh, Krumbiegelli, La France, La Reine de Los Angeles, Laelia, Laelia Colorans, Leeann Connelly, Leon Levin, Maeploi, Magenta, Marie Lagrange, Maroon Beauty, Mars, Mary Mirgon, Minerva, Missouri, Mme August Tezier, Mrs. D.R. Francis, Mrs George C. Hitchcock, New Orleans, Niobe, O’Marana, Ortgiesiana Alba, Ortgiesiano-rubra, Patricia Eileen, President Gerard, Pride of California, Primlarp, Queen Elizabeth, Red Cup, Red Flare, Red Knight, Reine d’Italie, Rosa de Noche, Rose Bowl, Rufus J. Lackland, Sir Galahad, Smithiana, Snow White, Sturtevantii, Tanganyika, Texas Shell Pink, Tiger Lotus, Trickeri, Tropical Oasis, Trudy Slocum, Tulipfera, Twilight, White Joy, Woods White Knight

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