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Gold Tide Forsythia

Gold Tide Forsythia is one of several popular varieties of Forsythia x Intermedia and is also known by the name Forsythia x Intermedia 'Courtasol'.

This variety is a dwarfish growing, deciduous, compact-spreading forsythia bush. It only grows up to half a metre (up to 20 inches) in height but can spread up to 1.2 metres (4 feet). Golden Tides are best planted in groups in low shrub borders, on slopes, trailing over walls, in foundation planting and as a groundcover plants. They are easy to grow and do not need much care.

The special thing about the Forsythia Golden Tide is its short and compact-spreading growth habit.

The plants prefer to grow in full sun (best flower production), even though these plants also grow in part shade. Any average garden soil that is well-drained is accepted.

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The flowers are light yellow in colour and appear in abundance in early spring. The foliage emerges once the blooming period is over. The medium green leaves are every gardeners joy throughout the growing season! Yet, the foliage colour does not change much into an attractive range of fall colours, like in many other forsythia cultivars.

Prune them after flowering and cut back the old stems. This will revitalize the plants and promote extensive flowering again the coming year.

Golden Tides are considered to be winter hardy, yet, sometimes when the winters get really cold and the temperatures are freezing, they might get damaged.

Insects or diseases pose no real problem; yet, this forsythia variation is somewhat susceptible to leaf spot and crown galls.

Tip: Forsythias, unfortunately, do not provide any food for insects. It is wise to also plant some native plants that attract butterflies, flies, bees, bugs and also birds and other wildlife!

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