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Dwarf Forsythia

Dwarf Forsythia is one of several forsythia bush hybrids with several varieties. All of these hybrids are very popular amongst gardeners.

The bright yellow flowers that pop up in spring are just stunning and eye-catching after the long, cold and rather bland and colourless cold period!

This intense spring coloration will put a smile on everybody’s face! And the green foliage completes a beautiful garden after the blooming period!

Tip: Are you sometimes tired of pale winter days? You can cut some forsythia branches on any winter day and put in inside in a vase with water. Be patient and wait a couple of days…. One day beautiful and striking yellow flowers will welcome you and will put your mood up!
Dwarf varieties of forsythias are compact little shrubs that fit in very well in smaller gardens and even in containers. They are good for perennial plants borders when planted together. They build a dense natural fence, which will not grow too much in height (about up to 4 feet; 1m; depending on the selection of the cultivated variety), around your garden. You can also plant them as groundcover plants and as slope covering plants in order to prevent erosion.

They are very easy to grow shrubs that add a bright colourful touch to your garden! These plants have showy, bright yellow flowers in April and a nice green foliage afterwards.

They tolerate extreme conditions, like cold, drought and hot weather. It is best to plant them in full sun, though they tolerate partial shade. These shrubs grow in any ordinary garden soil and like to be well-drained.

Forsythias, unfortunately, do not provide any food for insects. It is wise to also plant some native plants that attract butterflies, flies, bees, bugs and also birds and other wildlife!

Popular Dwarf Forsythias Include:

Forsythia 'Arnold Dwarf'
Forsythia 'Fiesta'
Forsythia 'Golden Peep'
Forsythia 'Goldilocks'
Forsythia 'Gold Tide'
Forsythia 'Happy Centennial'
Forsythia 'Minigold'
Forsythia 'Show Off Mindia'
Forsythia 'Show Off Mindor'
Forsythia 'Show Off Starlet'
Forsythia 'Show Off Sugar Baby'

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