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Forsythia Meadowlark

Forsythia Meadowlark is a cross of Forsythia ovata x Forsythia europaea.

This variety is a rather tall growing deciduous, multi-stemmed, dense forsythia bush that is growing upright. It can grow up to 2 to 3 metres (up to 10 feet) in height and spreads about 3 metres (10 feet).

The exceptional thing about the meadowlark forsythia is that the flower buds are especially cold tolerant! This means this hybrid is still blooming in colder zones where other forsythias are not!

They are good plants for mixed shrub borders, foundation planting and wind breaks.

Meadowlark Forsythias are very easy to grow: they do not need much maintenance, are drought tolerant and grow rapidly. You can plant them in groups or as individuals.

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They prefer to grow in the sun or in partial shade. Any average garden soil is fine, as long as it is kept well-drained. But keep in mind not to overwater them!

The flowers are quite big, about 3 to 5 centimetres (1 to 2 inches) across and bright, golden yellow in colour. The young plants start to develop flowers when they are about 3 years old. The masses of flowers are held in clusters in the leaf axils. The plants bloom in spring, in April/March for about two weeks. Do not forget to prune them after flowering!

The leaves emerge once the blooming period is over. The foliage is all dark-green during the summer and turns to a lovely purple-bronze to golden yellow in autumn.

Tip: Forsythias, unfortunately, do not provide any food for insects. It is wise to also plant some native plants that attract butterflies, flies, bees, bugs and also birds and other wildlife!

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Furthermore: Forsythia ovata is also called Early Forsythia and is native to Korea. Forsythia europaea is also known as Albanian Forsythia and is native to Europe. Apart from the Meadowlark Forsythia two other crosses include:

Forsythia 'Northern Gold'
Forsythia 'Northern Sun'

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