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Forsythia x Intermedia

Forsythia x Intermedia is actually a hybrid cross of: Forsythia suspensa × F. viridissima. It is also commonly known as Border Forsythia or Golden Bells. And truly, the striking, bright yellow flowers just look like a cascade of golden bells!



Forsythia is the earliest blooming shrub in the spring. Grows 9-11 feet high. Especially prized because its lovely golden flowers are in full bloom before the first green leaf appears. Forsythia is a very hardy, is fast growing, and makes a good border, living fence of foundation planting. Drought resistant. Plant 4' apart for a dense hedge and 8' apart for a loose hedge. 1-2' plants.

Forsythias intermedia are deciduous, popular ornamental shrubs that have not only showy flowers but also grow rapidly without a lot of maintenance or gardening experience!

Their growth sizes depends on the variety, there are dwarf, medium-sized and large growing varieties.

These plants are good for borders, slopes and containers. Plant them singly or in groups.

Forsythias x intermedia are very attractive plants, especially in spring when the beautiful yellow flowers emerge along the stems! I, personally, enjoy this spectacular show every spring over and over again! It always puts my mood up that sometimes has been down during the long, dark, cold, dull winter days! When the blooming period is over, you can enjoy a nice green bush all summer long and in autumn the foliage will turn to lovely yellow to red colours! These plants are truly an addition to every garden!

Tip: Forsythias, unfortunately, do not provide any food for insects. It is wise to also plant some native plants that attract butterflies, flies, bees, bugs and also birds and other wildlife!

Popular Forsythia x Intermedia Varieties Include:

(Some of them are dwarf forsythia varieties)

F. x Intermedia 'Arnold Dwarf' – Dwarf variety
F. x Intermedia 'Arnold Giant'
F. x Intermedia 'Beaver Creek'
F. x Intermedia 'Courdijau' = 'Golden Peep'
F. x Intermedia 'Courtacour' = 'Goldilocks' - Dwarf variety
F. x Intermedia 'Courtalyn' = 'Week End'
F. x Intermedia 'Courtasol' = 'Gold Tide' - Dwarf variety
F. x Intermedia 'Densiflora'
F. x Intermedia 'Fiesta' - Dwarf variety
F. x Intermedia 'Golden Times'
F. x Intermedia 'Goldrausch'
F. x Intermedia 'Goldzauber'
F. x Intermedia 'Josefa'
F. x Intermedia 'Karl Sax'
F. x Intermedia 'Liliane'
F. x Intermedia 'Lynwood Variety'
F. x Intermedia 'Mindor' = 'Show Off' - Dwarf variety
F. x Intermedia 'Minigold' = 'Flojor' - Dwarf variety
F. x Intermedia 'New Hampshire Gold'
F. x Intermedia 'Spectabilis'
F. x Intermedia 'Spring Glory'
F. x Intermedia 'Susan Gruninger'
F. x Intermedia 'Variegata'

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