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Forsythia Lynwood Gold

Actually, Forsythia Lynwood Gold is one of several varieties of forsythia x intermedia. It is also called Border Forsythia.

This variety is a rather tall growing deciduous forsythia bush that is growing stiffly upright. It can grow up to 2 to 3 metres (up to 10 feet) in height and spreads about 3 metres (10 feet). Lynwood Golds are excellent plants for growing a shrub border! It is best to plant the individual shrubs about 30 cm (10 inches) apart. This will allow them to grow into a dense natural hedge.

This forsythia plant is growing very fast. These plants prefer to grow in the full sun (yet, they also tolerate partial shade but do not produce as many flowers as in sunny conditions) and like a well-drained ordinary garden (loamy to sandy) soil.

The flowers are rather big and have a bright, shiny, yellow, colour and bloom from March to April all along the stems before the foliage starts growing. The foliage has a nice mid-green to dark-green colour and turns to a lovely yellow to orange, red, violet colour in autumn!

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After the flowers have bloomed in spring it is time to prune forsythias. Thin the shrubs and remove old stems, this will promote new flower growth next year.

These plants are winter-hardy and you normally do not need to cover them for protection.

Tip: Cut the branches in winter or spring and put them indoors in a vase with water. Nice, yellow blooming flowers will fill your home with joy!

Tip: Forsythias, unfortunately, do not provide any food for insects. It is wise to also plant some native plants that attract butterflies, flies, bees, bugs and also birds and other wildlife!

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