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Geranium Wallichianum

Geranium wallichianum is a wild geranium plant that belongs to the genus Geranium (Cranesbills). Geraniums, Pelargoniums (scented geraniums) and Erodiums are members of the Geraniaceae family.

The Wallichianum Geranium is a trailing, low herbaceous perennial plant that is native to East Asia and the Himalaya region where it grows up to about 3600 m on slopes, in forests and shrubberies.

The plants like to grow in half shade. They grow up to 50 centimetres (inches) in height and are good groundcover plants.

The flowers have an attractive blue colour. The plants start blooming rather late in the season, in about August. But then, they will keep on blooming until very late in autumn.

Wallichianum looses its foliage in winter; yet, it is winter hardy and will not suffer during the cold season.

They do not like to have wet feet, therefore, water them sparingly.

Like many other geranium species, this plant and its varieties fit very well into a near-natural garden and is a superb food and nectar plant for many insects like butterfly, moths, bees, bumblebees, flies and others. It is an ideal plant for a cottage garden.

The wild Wallichianum Geranium is usually not grown in gardens, yet, several, very popular varieties have been cultivated. These are undemanding and easy to grow.

Cultivated Geranium Wallichianum Varieties Include:

G. wallichianum 'Buxton's Variety' – Flowers: blue-lilac with darker veining and white centres.
G. wallichianum 'Chadwell's Pink' – Flowers: pink with white centres.
G. wallichianum 'Chris' – Flowers: light blue with very dark veining and purple centres.
G. wallichianum 'Havana Blues' – Flowers: very large. Blue with dark veins and white centres.
G. wallichianum 'Hope Mountain'
G. wallichianum 'Martha' – Flowers: pale-pink, pink to pale-blue with visible dark veins.
G. wallichianum 'Pink Penny' – Flowers: large flowers that are pink in colour.
G. wallichianum 'Rosie' – Flowers: pale pink and darker veins.
G. wallichianum 'Shirley Blue' – Flowers: deep blue.
G. wallichianum 'Silvery Blue' – Flowers: pale blue.
G. wallichianum 'Syabru' – Flowers: pink with darker veins.
G. wallichianum 'Sylvia's Surprise'
– Flowers: pink with a white centres and violet veins.

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