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Geranium Hocus Pocus

Geranium Hocus Pocus is actually a Geranium pratense hybrid. Of course, many many geraniums hybrids exist and each of them deserve a page of their own (which I might create over time). Yet, this hybrid, is amongst the most popular geranium hybrids and therefore I decided to go ahead just now and write some information about it.

Why is this hybrid so popular amongst gardeners?

Well, as all geranium species and hybrids this plant is undemanding and easy to grow.

It covers the ground and is also a good border plant.

It has quite a long flowering period from may to august or even longer.

The flowers are rather small and have lovely lavender to blue-purple colour with visible darker veins. The foliage has a pretty and unique gold-brown-bronze to purple colour.

Do not forget to trim the plants after flowering. This will rejuvenate the plants and the flowers and foliage will grow back nicely!

These herbaceous perennial plants grow up to 50 cm (20 inches) in height and about 40 cm (16 inches) in width. It prefers to grow in full sun to partial shade and likes well-drained ordinary garden soil. Yet, do not overwater them!

The plants are cold resistant and therefore winter hardy. You do not have to cover them for protection during winter season. They are also very deer and disease resistant!

Like many other geranium plants, Geranium Hocus Pocus fits very well into a near-natural garden and is a superb food and nectar plant for many insects like butterfly, moths, bees, bumblebees, flies and others.

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