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Aquilegia Canadensis

Aquilegia Canadensis belongs to the buttercup flower family, the Ranunculaceae. This columbine flower is also known as Wild Columbine, Canadian Columbine, Eastern Columbine, Eastern Red Columbine and Red Columbine. Yet, Red Columbine also refers to Aquilegia formosa.

The Canadian Columbine flower is native to Eastern Canada and Eastern United States and grows in woodlands and on rocky and open slopes. It actually is the only wild columbine flower that grows in eastern North America!

The sepals and the spurs are red in colour and the petals are yellow. The red colours of the flowers attract hummingbirds. But insects are also very fond of the sweet nectar. This is a good butterfly garden plant because its leaves are the food source for the caterpillar of the Columbine Duskywing butterfly (Erynnis lucilius).

This columbine flower starts blooming early to mid-season (May to July) and provides valuable nectar already in spring.

This lovely wild flower is an evergreen perennial that is highly treasured by gardeners. It is a very undemanding plant and easy to grow. It is ideal for beds, borders and also rock gardens (because they often grow between rocks and stones or in cracks of rocks in the wild). The plant grows up to 60 centimetres (2 feet) in height.

Plant it in sun to part-shade in rich, well-drained soil. The plants are lovely when grown in clusters. Then, the beautiful orange-red flowers contrast the green foliage and give your garden a special touch!

The plants reseed readily and they can double in space within two years. If you want to prevent them from spreading too much, just deadhead the flowers before the seeds are ripe. Anyhow, it is always a good practice to cut the plant back after flowering to rejuvenate the plant and stimulate fresh growth.

Propagation: You can collect the ripe seeds, or just buy seeds and easily grow these flowers from them. Just scatter them wherever you want them to grow. Or dig up some seedlings in fall and replant them in the desired place.

Canadian Columbine Flower Hybrids:

A. canadensis var. formosa (Wild Columbine)
A. canadensis 'Corbett' (Dwarf Yellow Columbine)
A. canadensis 'Little Lanterns' (Canadian Columbine)
A. canadensis 'Nana' (Canadian Columbine

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