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Columbine Plants

About 80 species of columbine plants exist. I have shortly described the seven most popular columbine plants in this columbine flower article and each of this columbine flowers is dedicated a website (see right column).

Maybe one day I will cover all species… who knows? In the meantime I will present some of the lesser known species and varieties that are nevertheless popular (yet, sometimes hard to get) columbine garden plants!
These lesser known also deserve attention because they are such pretty and unique wild flowers and garden flowers! Some of them are must-haves for columbine lovers!

Aquilegia Barlow Variety

These are variations of Aquilegia vulgaris, the European Columbine.

Aquilegia Barlow Black
Aquilegia Barlow Blue
Aquilegia Barlow Bordeaux
Aquilegia Barlow Christa
Aquilegia Barlow Green
Aquilegia Barlow Nora
Aquilegia Barlow Rose
Aquilegia Barlow White

Seeds are often sold in mixes: Look out for Barlow columbine mix.

Aquilegia atrata

This columbine plant is also called Dark Columbine because it has very dark purple to black flowers (another columbine that has black flowers is the Black Barlow Columbine).

This Aquilegia is native to Europe: to the Alps and Apennine Mountains (France, Italy, Central Europe, Slovenia). It is therefore, sometimes, also referred to as European Columbine (not to be confused with Aquilegia vulgaris).

This is an alpine species and thus, it is an idea flower for alpine and rock gardens.

Aquilegia bertolonii

This flower is native to southeastern France and northwestern Italy. It is commonly known as Apennines Columbine. The flowers have striking, rather dark blue colour. Blooming time is in spring to summer. The foliage is dark-green.

This columbine flower is ideal for cottage, natural/informal and rock gardens and for beds and borders.

Aquilegia clematiflora

The gorgeous flowers of this columbine look like a clematis! The spurless flowers are large and nodding.

Aquilegia clematiflora 'Firewheel'
Aquilegia clematiflora 'Green Apples'

Aquilegia eximia

This columbine flower is commonly known as Serpentine Columbine or Van Houtte's Columbine. This columbine is native to the moist, coastal forests of California. It is rare to get…. So, if you ever come across is, take your chance!

The nodding flowers are large and showy. They have a characteristic bright red colour and a yellow centre.

Aquilegia flavescens

Commonly known as Yellow Columbine. A. flavescens is native to the Rocky Mountains.

Aquilegia flavescens var. flavescens (Yellow Columbine)
Aquilegia flavescens var. miniata (Yellow Columbine)
Aquilegia flavescens var. rubicunda (Yellow Columbine)

Aquilegia fragrans

Normally, Columbine flowers are not very much perfumed. But this one is the most fragrant one by far; the flowers release a strong sweet aroma! The common name says it all: Fragrant Columbine. The flowers have a creamy, white-yellow, colour. Majestic!

This flower is native to the Western Himalayas and is therefore also commonly known as Himalaya Columbine.

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