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Dictionary Of Flowers

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Dictionary of Flowers: This is an index of scientific plant names that start with the letter U in alphabetical order.

It lists the names of all flowers (flowering plants) that are the most common wild and cultivated plants.

Yet, this list will be updated regularly.


Ulex – Gorse, Furze, Furse, Whin

Ulex africanus
Ulex airensis
Ulex almijarensis
Ulex aphyllus
Ulex argenteus
Ulex argenteus erinaceus
Ulex argenteus subsericeus
Ulex australis
Ulex australis welwitschianus
Ulex autumnalis
Ulex baeticus
Ulex boeticus
Ulex boivini
Ulex boivinii
Ulex bonnieri
Ulex borgiae
Ulex bourgaeanus
Ulex brachyacanthus
Ulex breoganii
Ulex canescens
Ulex cantabricus
Ulex capensis
Ulex congestus
Ulex densus
Ulex ericetarum
Ulex erinaceus
Ulex eriophorus
Ulex europaea
Ulex europaeus – Common Gorse, European Gorse
Ulex europea
Ulex europeaus
Ulex europeus
Ulex galli
Ulex gallii – Western Gorse
Ulex gallii var. humilis
Ulex genistoides
Ulex genistoides spectabilis
Ulex gonneti
Ulex grandiflorus
Ulex intermedius
Ulex jussiaei
Ulex lagrezii
Ulex latebracteatus
Ulex lucidus
Ulex luridus
Ulex lusitanicus
Ulex mauritii
Ulex megalorites
Ulex micranthus
Ulex microdlada
Ulex minor – Dwarf Furze
Ulex mitis
Ulex nanus
Ulex narcissi
Ulex opistholepis
Ulex parviflora
Ulex parviflorus
Ulex parviflorus africanus
Ulex parviflorus eriocladus
Ulex parviflorus funkii
Ulex parviflorus jussiaei
Ulex praviflorus
Ulex provincialis
Ulex recurvatus
Ulex richteri
Ulex rivasgodayanus
Ulex salzmanni
Ulex scaber
Ulex sparioides
Ulex spectabilis
Ulex spicatus
Ulex subsericeus
Ulex tazensis
Ulex vicentinus
Ulex vidali
Ulex webbianus
Ulex welwischianus
Ulex willkommi

Ulmus - Elm

Ulmus abelicea Ulex acuta Ulex adiantifolia Ulex affinis Ulex alata – Small-Leaf Elm Ulmus alata – Winged Elm Ulmus alba Ulmus ambigua Ulmus americana – Princeton American Elm Ulmus androssowi Ulmus androssowii Ulmus androssowii var. subhirsuta Ulmus androssowii var. virgata Ulmus anglica Ulmus angustifolia Ulmus antarcitca Ulmus aquatica Ulmus araxina Ulmus asperrima Ulmus atinia Ulmus aurea Ulmus basicordata Ulmus batavina Ulmus belgica Ulmus berandii Ulmus bergmanniana Ulmus bergmanniana var. lasiophylla Ulmus betulaefolia Ulmus betulifolia Ulmus betuloides Ulmus boissieri Ulmus brandisiana Ulmus braunii Ulmus bubyriana Ulmus californica Ulmus campestre Ulmus campestris Ulmus campestris sensu Ulmus campestris var. microphylla Ulmus canescens Ulmus canescens var. Africana Ulmus carpinifolia Ulmus carpinifolia var. suberosa Ulmus carpinoides Ulmus castaneifolia Ulmus cavaleriei Ulmus cebennensis Ulmus celtidea Ulmus chaneyi Ulmus changii Ulmus changii var. kunmingensis Ulmus chenmoui Ulmus chinensis Ulmus chumlia Ulmus ciliate Ulmus cinerea Ulmus cordifrons Ulmus coreana Ulmus coritana Ulmus cornubiensis Ulmus corylacea Ulmus corylifolia Ulmus crassifolia – Southern Rock Elm Ulmus crispa Ulmus crossifolia Ulmus culcullata dampieri Ulmus dauvessei Ulmus davidiana Japanese Elm Ulmus davidiana f. glabra Ulmus davidiana f. levigata Ulmus davidiana var. japonica Ulmus densa Ulmus dentate Ulmus dimidiate Ulmus deppeliana Ulmus divaricata Ulmus diversifolia Ulmus drepanodonta effusa Ulmus elegantissima Ulmus elliptica Ulmus elongata Ulmus erosa Ulmus excelsa Ulmus exoniensis Ulmus expansa Ulmus fastigiata Ulmus ferruginea Ulmus fischeri Ulmus floridana Ulmus foliacea Ulmus fordii Ulmus forficate Ulmus fulva Ulmus fungosa Ulmus gallica Ulmus gaussenii Ulmus georgica Ulmus gigantean Ulmus glabra – European Mountain Elm Ulmus glabra subsp. scabra Ulmus glabra f. elliptica Ulmus glabra f. firma Ulmus glabra f. glabrata Ulmus glabra f. horizontalis Ulmus glabra f. macrophylla Ulmus glabra Montana Ulmus glabra scabra Ulmus glandulosa Ulmus glaucescens Ulmus glutinosa Ulmus grossheimii Ulmus harbinensis Ulmus hollandica Ulmus hollandica var. hollandica Ulmus hollandica var. insularum Ulmus hookeriana Ulmus horizontalis Ulmus humilis Ulmus hybrid Ulmus inflexa Ulmus integrifolia Ulmus intermedia Ulmus ismaelis Ulmus japonica Ulmus japonica f. suberosa Ulmus japonica var. suberosa Ulmus keaki Ulmus keia-ki Ulmus kijimana Ulmus koopmanni Ulmus kunmingensis Ulmus kunmingensis var. qingchengshanensis Ulmus laciniata Ulmus laevigata Ulmus laevis – European White Elm Ulmus lamellose Ulmus lancifolia Ulmus latifolia Ulmus lesueurii Ulmus leucocarpa Ulmus leucosperma Ulmus longifolia Ulmus macrocarpa Ulmus macrocarpa f. nana Ulmus macrocarpa var. glabra Ulmus macrocarpa var. macrophylla Ulmus macrophylla Ulmus major Ulmus manshurica Ulmus mexicana Ulmus microcarpa Ulmus minima Ulmus minor Ulmus minor subsp. angustifolia Ulmus minor subsp. canescens Ulmus minor subsp. procera Ulmus minor subsp. sarniensis Ulmus minor angustifolia Ulmus canescens Ulmus minor f. variegata Ulmus minor procera Ulmus minor sarniensis Ulmus minor sensu Ulmus minor var. cornubiensis Ulmus minor var. lockii Ulmus var. sarniensis Ulmus var. suberosa Ulmus minor var. vulgaris Ulmus modiolina Ulmus mollifolia Ulmus Montana Ulmus montanensis Ulmus monterreyensis Ulmus monumentalis Ulmus moorei Ulmus multinervis Ulmus multinervosa Ulmus nana Ulmus nemoralis Ulmus nemorosa Ulmus newberryi Ulmus nigra Ulmus nigricans Ulmus nitens Ulmus notha Ulmus nuda Ulmus oblongata Ulmus obovata Ulmus octandra Ulmus ontariensis Ulmus opaca Ulmus parviflora Ulmus parvifolia – Lacebark Elm Ulmus parvifolia var. lanceolata Ulmus paucidentata Ulmus pedunculata Ulmus pendula Ulmus pinguis Ulmus pitteursii Ulmus planifolia Ulmus plotii Ulmus polygama Ulmus procera – English Cork Elm Ulmus propinqua Ulmus prunifolia Ulmus pseudo-propinqua Ulmus pseudosuberosa Ulmus pubescens Ulmus pumila – Littleleaf Elm Ulmus pumila f. tenuis Ulmus pumila var. arborea Ulmus pumila var. gracia Ulmus pumila var. sabulosa Ulmus purpurea Ulmus pyramidalis Ulmus racemosa Ulmus reticulate Ulmus rhamnifolia Ulmus rosseelsii Ulmus rotundata Ulmus rotundifolia Ulmus rubra – Slippery Elm Ulmus rubra f. laevis Ulmus rugosa Ulmus sarniensis Ulmus sativa Ulmus scabra Ulmus scampstoniensis Ulmus serotina – September Elm Ulmus shirasawana Ulmus sibirica Ulmus sieboldii Ulmus simplicidens Ulmus smithii Ulmus sparsa Ulmus speciosa Ulmus striata Ulmus stricta Ulmus suberosa Ulmus sukaczevii Ulmus superba Ulmus surculosa Ulmus szechuanica Ulmus taihangshanensis Ulmus tenuinervis Ulmus tetrandra Ulmus thomasi Ulmus thomasii – Cork Elm Ulmus thomassii Ulmus tiliaefolia Ulmus tomentosa Ulmus tonkinensis Ulmus tortuosa Ulmus transbeicalensis Ulmus tricuspis Ulmus tridens Ulmus triserrata Ulmus turkestanica Ulmus urticaefolia Ulmus uyematsui Ulmus uzbekistanica Ulmus vegeta Ulmus verschaffelti Ulmus villosa Ulmus viminalis Ulmus virens Ulmus virgata Ulmus viscose Ulmus vulgaris Ulmus wallichiana Ulmus wallichiana subsp. xanthoderma Ulmus wallichiana var. tomentosa Ulmus wallichiana xanthoderma Ulmus wallichii Ulmus webbiana Ulmus wheatlei Ulmus wilsoniana Ulmus wyssotzky

Dictionary of Flowers Dictionary of Flowers Dictionary of Flowers Dictionary of Flowers Dictionary of Flowers

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