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Dictionary Of Flowers

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Dictionary of Flowers: This is an index of scientific plant names that start with the letter M in alphabetical order.

It lists the names of all flowers (flowering plants) that are the most common wild and cultivated plants.

Yet, this list will be updated regularly.


Macleaya – Plume Poppy

Macleaya cordata – Tree Celandine
Macleaya cordata f. glabra
Macleaya cordata thunbergii
Macleaya kewensis
Macleaya microcarpa
Macleaya yedoensis


Magnolia acuminata – Cucumbertree Magnolia Magnolia aenea Magnolia aequinoctialis Magnolia alba Magnolia albosericea Magnolia alexandrina Magnolia allenii Magnolia alternans Magnolia alternifolia Magnolia amabilis Magnolia amazonica Magnolia amoena Magnolia amplifolia Magnolia andamanica Magnolia angatensis Magnolia angustifolia Magnolia angustioblonga Magnolia annamensis Magnolia annonifolia Magnolia anonaefolia Magnolia arcabucoana Magnolia argyrothricha Magnolia aromatica Magnolia ashei – Ashe's Magnolia Magnolia ashtonii Magnolia atropurpurea Magnolia aulacosperma Magnolia auricularis Magnolia auriculata Magnolia australis Magnolia axilliflora Magnolia baillonii Magnolia balanese Magnolia banghamii Magnolia bankardiorum Magnolia bawangensis Magnolia beccarii Magnolia betongensis Magnolia bintuluensis Magnolia biondii – Chinese Willow-Leaf Magnolia Magnolia blaoensis Magnolia blumei Magnolia boliviana Magnolia borealis Magnolia borneensis Magnolia braianensis Magnolia brooklynensis Magnolia brozzonii Magnolia burchelliana Magnolia burseracea Magnolia cacuminicola Magnolia cacuminoides Magnolia californica Magnolia calimaensis Magnolia calophylla Magnolia calophylloides Magnolia campbelli Magnolia campbellii – Pink Tulip Tree Magnolia candollei Magnolia canollii Magnolia capellinii Magnolia cararensis Magnolia caricifragrans Magnolia carpunii Magnolia carsonii Magnolia cathayana Magnolia cathocartii Magnolia cavaleriei Magnolia caveana Magnolia cespedesii Magnolia champaca Magnolia champacifolia Magnolia championi Magnolia changhungtana Magnolia chapensis Magnolia chevalieri Magnolia chimantensis Magnolia chocoensis Magnolia citrata Magnolia citriodora Magnolia clemensiorum Magnolia cocleensis Magnolia coco – Coconut Magnolia Magnolia colombiana Magnolia compressa Magnolia conifera Magnolia conspicua Magnolia cor Magnolia cordata Magnolia cordifolia Magnolia coriacea Magnolia coronata Magnolia corrallina Magnolia craibiana Magnolia crassipes Magnolia cristalensis Magnolia cubensis Magnolia cyathiformis Magnolia cylindrica Magnolia dandyi Magnolia dawsoniana Magnolia dayana Magnolia dealbata – Cloudforest Magnolia Magnolia decandollei Magnolia decandollii Magnolia decidua Magnolia delavayi – Evergreen Chinese Magnolia Magnolia dentatus Magnolia denudata – Yulan Magnolia dianae Magnolia dianica Magnolia discolor Magnolia diva Magnolia dixonii Magnolia dodecapetala Magnolia dolichogyna Magnolia doltsopa – Chinese Magnolia Magnolia domingensis Magnolia dorsopurpurea Magnolia duclouxii Magnolia duperreana Magnolia echinina Magnolia ekmanii Magnolia elegans Magnolia elegantifolia Magnolia elliptica Magnolia elliptigemmata Magnolia elliptilimba Magnolia elongata Magnolia emarginata Magnolia enormis Magnolia eriostepta Magnolia ernestii Magnolia espinalii Magnolia excelsa Magnolia exoniensis Magnolia famasiha Magnolia fasciata Magnolia fasciculata Magnolia fatiscens Magnolia ferruginea Magnolia figlarii Magnolia figo Magnolia fistulosa Magnolia flaviflora Magnolia floribunda Magnolia foetida Magnolia forbesii Magnolia fordiana Magnolia foveolata Magnolia fragrans Magnolia fragrantissima Magnolia fraseri – Fraser's Magnolia frasevi Magnolia frondosa Magnolia fujianensis Magnolia fulva Magnolia funiushanensis Magnolia fuscata Magnolia galissoniensis Magnolia garrettii Magnolia georgii Magnolia gigantifolia Magnolia gilbertoi Magnolia glabra Magnolia glauca Magnolia glaucifolia Magnolia glaucoides Magnolia glaucophylla Magnolia globosa Magnolia gloriensis Magnolia gloriosa Magnolia gordoniana Magnolia gotoburgensis Magnolia gracilis Magnolia gradiflora Magnolia grandiflora – Southern Magnolia Magnolia grandis Magnolia griffithii Magnolia guangdongensis Magnolia guangxiensis Magnolia guatapensis Magnolia guatemalensis Magnolia guerrerensis Magnolia gustavi Magnolia halleana Magnolia hamori Magnolia hartwegii Magnolia hartwicus Magnolia hebecarpa Magnolia heliphyla Magnolia henanensis Magnolia henaoi Magnolia henryi Magnolia heptapeta Magnolia hernandezii Magnolia highdownensis Magnolia hilgardiana Magnolia hirsuta Magnolia hodgsonii Magnolia hollicki Magnolia hondurensis Magnolia hongheensis Magnolia honogi Magnolia hookeri Magnolia hoonoki Magnolia hypolampra Magnolia hypoleuca Magnolia iltisiana Magnolia indo-chinensis Magnolia inglefieldi Magnolia ingrata Magnolia inodora Magnolia insignis – Red Lotus Tree Magnolia intermedia Magnolia irwiniana Magnolia iteophylla Magnolia jardinensis Magnolia javanica Magnolia jiangxiensis
Magnolia jigongshanensis Magnolia kachirachirai Magnolia katiorum Magnolia kewensis Magnolia kingii Magnolia kisopa Magnolia kobus – Japanese Magnolia Magnolia kobushi Magnolia koordersiana Magnolia krusei Magnolia kunstleri Magnolia kwangiensis Magnolia kwangtungensis Magnolia lacei Magnolia lacoeana Magnolia lacunosa Magnolia laevifolia Magnolia Magnolia lanceolata Magnolia lanigera Magnolia lanuginosa Magnolia lanuginosoides Magnolia lasia Magnolia latahensis Magnolia latifolia Magnolia leei Magnolia lenneana Magnolia lennei Magnolia lenticellata Magnolia lenticellatum Magnolia lesleyana Magnolia leveilleana Magnolia lilifera Magnolia liliflora Magnolia linguifolia Magnolia loebneri Magnolia longifolia Magnolia longipedunculata Magnolia longistyla Magnolia lotungensis Magnolia lucida Magnolia ludwigii Magnolia macclurei Magnolia macklottii Magnolia macrophylla – Large-leaved Cucumber Tree Magnolia magnifica Magnolia magnifolia Magnolia mahechae Magnolia maingayi Magnolia major Magnolia malayanum Magnolia mannii Magnolia mariusjacobsia Magnolia martini Magnolia masticata Magnolia maudiae Magnolia maxima Magnolia mediocris Magnolia megaphylla Magnolia meleagrioides Magnolia membranacea Magnolia michauxiana Magnolia michauxii Magnolia microcarpa Magnolia microtricha Magnolia minor Magnolia mirifolia Magnolia mollicomata Magnolia montana – Mountain Magnolia Magnolia morii Magnolia moto Magnolia multiflora Magnolia mulunica Magnolia mutabilis Magnolia nana Magnolia narinensis Magnolia neillii Magnolia nicholsoniana Magnolia nilagirica Magnolia nitida – Eastern Joy Lotustree Magnolia norbertiana Magnolia nutans Magnolia oblonga Magnolia obovalifolia Magnolia obovata – Whitebark Magnolia Magnolia odora Magnolia odoratissima Magnolia officinalis – Medicinal Magnolia Magnolia omeiensis Magnolia opipara Magnolia ovalis Magnolia ovata – Swamp Magnolia Magnolia ovoidea Magnolia pachyphylla Magnolia pacifica Magnolia paenetalauma Magnolia pahangensis Magnolia pallescens Magnolia palustris Magnolia panamensis Magnolia parviflora Magnolia patoricensis Magnolia patungensis Magnolia pealiana Magnolia pensylvanica Magnolia persuaveolens Magnolia phanerophlebia Magnolia phaulanta Magnolia phellocarpa Magnolia philippinensis Magnolia phuthoensis Magnolia pilocarpa Magnolia pilosissima Magnolia platyphylla Magnolia pleiocarpa Magnolia plena Magnolia plumieri Magnolia poasana Magnolia poilanei Magnolia polyhypsophylla Magnolia Polytepala Magnolia portoricensis – Puerto Rico Magnolia Magnolia praecalva Magnolia praecoccisima Magnolia praecox Magnolia pravertiana Magnolia precia Magnolia proctoriana Magnolia pseudokobus Magnolia ptaritepuiana Magnolia pterocarpa Magnolia pubescens Magnolia pugana Magnolia pulgarensis Magnolia pulneyensis Magnolia pumila Magnolia punduana Magnolia purpurascens Magnolia purpurea Magnolia pyramidata – Pyramid Magnolia Magnolia pyrimidata Magnolia quinquepeta Magnolia rabaniana Magnolia rajaniana Magnolia rimachii Magnolia roraimae Magnolia rostrata Magnolia rotundifolia Magnolia rufibarbata Magnolia rumphii Magnolia rustica Magnolia sabahensis Magnolia salicifolia – Anise Magnolia Magnolia sambuensis Magnolia santanderiana Magnolia sapaensis Magnolia sarawakensis Magnolia sargentiana Magnolia schiedeana Magnolia scortechinii Magnolia selloi Magnolia sellowiana Magnolia septentrionalis Magnolia sericea Magnolia shangpaensis Magnolia shangsiensis Magnolia sharpii Magnolia shiluensis Magnolia siamensis Magnolia sieboldiana Magnolia sieboldii – Pink Chimes Japanese Snowbell Magnolia silvioi Magnolia simi Magnolia sinensis Magnolia singaporensis Magnolia singapurensis Magnolia sinica Magnolia sinostellata Magnolia sirindhorniae Magnolia slavinii Magnolia sororum Magnolia soulangeana Magnolia spathulata Magnolia speciosa Magnolia spectabilis Magnolia sphaerantha Magnolia sphenocarpa Magnolia splendens – Laurel Magnolia Magnolia sprengeri – Sprenger's Magnolia Magnolia stellata – Royal Star Magnolia Magnolia striatifolia Magnolia stricta Magnolia subquadrangularis Magnolia subtriangularis Magnolia subulifera Magnolia sumatrae Magnolia sumatrana Magnolia superba Magnolia szechuanica Magnolia talaumoides Magnolia taliensis Magnolia tamaulipana Magnolia tenuicarpella Magnolia tenuifolia Magnolia tenuinervis Magnolia thailandica Magnolia thamnodes Magnolia thompsoniana Magnolia thomsoniana Magnolia thurberi Magnolia tibetica Magnolia tomentosa Magnolia tripetala – Umbrella Magnolia triumphans Magnolia tsarongensis Magnolia tsiampacca Magnolia tulipifera Magnolia ultima Magnolia umbellata Magnolia umbrella Magnolia urraoense Magnolia urraoensis Magnolia utilis Magnolia uvariifolia Magnolia vanIngeni Magnolia vazquezii Magnolia veitchii Magnolia velutina Magnolia venezuelensis Magnolia ventii Magnolia versicolor Magnolia viginiana Magnolia villariana Magnolia villosa Magnolia virginiana – Dwarf Sweet Bay Magnolia Magnolia viridula Magnolia virolinensis Magnolia vrieseana Magnolia waltonii Magnolia watsonii Magnolia wiesneri Magnolia wilsonii Magnolia wolfii Magnolia wufengensis Magnolia wugangensis Magnolia xanthantha Magnolia xerophila Magnolia xiana Magnolia xinganensis Magnolia xsoulangiana Magnolia yarumalense Magnolia yarumalensis Magnolia yoroconte Magnolia yulan Magnolia yunckeri Magnolia yunnanensis Magnolia yuyuanensis Magnolia zenii Magnolia zhengyiana


















Dictionary of Flowers Dictionary of Flowers Dictionary of Flowers Dictionary of Flowers Dictionary of Flowers Dictionary of Flowers Dictionary of Flowers

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