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Dictionary of Flowers: This is an index of scientific plant names that start with the letter I and J in alphabetical order.

It lists the names of all flowers (flowering plants) that are the most common wild and cultivated plants.

Yet, this list will be updated regularly.


Iberis – Candytufts

Iberis amara – Rocket Candytuft (Bitter Candytuft)
Iberis aurosica
Iberis bernardiana
Iberis bubanii
Iberis ciliata
Iberis contracta
Iberis crenata
Iberis fontqueri
Iberis gribraltarica – Gibraltar Candytuft
Iberis linifolia
Iberis nazarita
Iberis odorata
Iberis pinnata
Iberis procumbens – Dune Candytuft
Iberis pruitii
Iberis runemarkii
Iberis sampaioana
Iberis saxatilis
Iberis semperflorens
Iberis sempervirens – Evergreen Candytuft (Perennial Candytuft)
Iberis spathulata (Synonym: Iberis nana)
Iberis stricta
Iberis taurica
Iberis umbellata – Globe Candytuft

Ilex - Holly

Ilex abscondita
Ilex acutidenticulata
Ilex abscondita
Ilex acutidenticulata
Ilex affinis
Ilex x altaclarensis
Ilex altiplanta
Ilex amara – Caachira Ilex
Ilex ambigua – Sand Holly
Ilex amelanchier – Swamp Holly
Ilex anomala
Ilex ananoides
Ilex aquifolium – European Holly (English Holly, Christ's Thorn)
Ilex aquifolium 'Ferox' – Hedgehog Holly
Ilex aracamuniana
Ilex argentina
Ilex arisanensis
Ilex arnhemensis – Northern Holly
Ilex bioritsensis
Ilex brachyphylla
Ilex brasiliensis
Ilex brevicuspis
Ilex brevipedicellata
Ilex buergeri
Ilex canariensis – Small-leaved Holly
Ilex caniensis
Ilex cassine – Dahoon Holly
Ilex centrochinensis
Ilex cerasifolia
Ilex chamaedryfolia
Ilex chapaensis
Ilex chengkouensis
Ilex chinensis
Ilex chuniana
Ilex ciliolata
Ilex ciliospinosa
Ilex cognate
Ilex colchica
Ilex collina
Ilex conocarpa
Ilex cookii – Cook's Holly
Ilex coralline
Ilex coriacea – Gallberry
Ilex cornuta – Chinese Holly (Horned Holly)
Ilex costaricensis
Ilex cowanii
Ilex crenata – Japanese Holly (Box-leaved Holly)
Ilex crepitans
Ilex cyrtura
Ilex dabieshanensis
Ilex davidsei
Ilex deciduas – Possumhaw
Ilex dehongensis
Ilex dimorphophylla
Ilex diospyroides
Ilex dipyrena – Himalayan Holly
Ilex dumosa
Ilex ericoides
Ilex euryoides
Ilex fargesii
Ilex fengqingensis
Ilex fertilis
Ilex florifera
Ilex gardneriana (extinct)
Ilex geniculata
Ilex georgei
Ilex gigantea
Ilex glabella
Ilex glabra – Evergreen Winterberry (Bitter Gallberry, Inkberry)
Ilex gleasoniana
Ilex goshiensis
Ilex graciliflora
Ilex grandiflora
Ilex guaiquinimae
Ilex guayusa – Guayusa
Ilex guianensis
Ilex harrisii
Ilex holstii
Ilex huachamacariana
Ilex humboldtiana
Ilex ignicola
Ilex illustris
Ilex integerrima
Ilex integra – Mochi Tree (Nepal Holly)
Ilex intricate
Ilex jamaicana
Ilex jauaensis
Ilex jelskii
Ilex karuaiana
Ilex khasiana
Ilex kingiana
Ilex kudingcha
Ilex kusanoi
Ilex laevigata – Smooth Winterberry
Ilex lasseri
Ilex latifolia – Tarajo Holly
Ilex lechleri
Ilex leucoclada
Ilex longipes
Ilex longzhouensis
Ilex machilifolia
Ilex maclurei
Ilex macoucoua
Ilex macrocarpa
Ilex macropoda
Ilex magnifructa
Ilex maingayi
Ilex marahuacae
Ilex marginata
Ilex margratesavage
Ilex mathewsii
Ilex x meserveae
Ilex microdonta
Ilex mitis
Ilex montana – Mountain Winterberry
Ilex mucronata – Mountain Holly (Catberry)
Ilex myrtifolia – Myrtle Holly (Myrtle Dahoon)
Ilex neblinensis
Ilex nothofagifolia
Ilex oblonga
Ilex occulta
Ilex opaca – American Holly
Ilex ovalifolia
Ilex palawanica
Ilex pallida
Ilex paraguariensis – Maté (Yerba Maté)
Ilex parvifructa
Ilex patens
Ilex pauciflora
Ilex paujiensis
Ilex pedunculosa – Longstalked Holly
Ilex peiradena
Ilex perado – Madeiran Holly
Ilex perlata
Ilex pernyi – Perny's Holly
Ilex polita
Ilex praetermissa
Ilex pringlei
Ilex pseudobuxus
Ilex puberula
Ilex pubescens
Ilex pubiflora
Ilex purpurea
Ilex qianlingshanensis
Ilex quercetorum
Ilex quercifolia
Ilex rarasanensis
Ilex reticulate
Ilex rotunda
Ilex rugosa
Ilex sclerophylla
Ilex serrata – Japanese Winterberry
Ilex sessilifructa
Ilex shimeica
Ilex sikkimensis
Ilex sintenisii – Sintenis' Holly
Ilex sipapoana
Ilex socorroensis
Ilex spinigera
Ilex spruceana
Ilex steyermarkii
Ilex subrotundifolia
Ilex subtriflora
Ilex sugerokii
Ilex sulcata
Ilex syzygiophylla
Ilex tahanensis
Ilex tateana
Ilex taubertiana
Ilex ternatiflora (extinct)
Ilex theezans
Ilex tiricae
Ilex tolucana
Ilex trachyphylla
Ilex trichocarpa
Ilex tugitakayamensis
Ilex uraiensis
Ilex vaccinoides
Ilex venezuelensis
Ilex venulosa
Ilex verticillata – American Winterberry
Ilex vomitoria – Yaupon Holly
Ilex vulcanicola
Ilex wenchowensis
Ilex williamsii
Ilex wilsonii
Ilex yunnanensis
Ilex wugonshanensis
Ilex yuiana







Dictionary of Flowers Dictionary of Flowers Dictionary of Flowers

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