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Pelargonium Graveolens

Pelargonium Graveolens is also commonly known as Rose Scented Geranium or Rose Geranium. As the common name suggests, they belong to the group of scented geraniums within the genus pelargonium (not the genus geranium).

pelargonium graveolens is also called rose geraniums
Photo: Aviyam

Like all other scented geraniums, P. graveolens plants are grown for their wonderful, aromatic scented foliage. Several cultivars exist and most of them are in the rose-scented group.

Yet, this plant is not only appreciated as an ornamental plant but is also widely used as a food additive for flavouring, as an herbal remedy (as an alternative to standard Western medicine) and an additive (essential oils) in the perfume and cosmetic industry.

This evergreen shrub flowers from May to July. The colourful flowers attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds! This plant likes to grow in locations with full sun and prefers well-drained, sandy to loamy soil.

In areas with cold winters P. graveolens should be kept inside from late fall to early spring to prevent them from freezing to death. When you take the plants inside in fall, it is best to trim them back straight to the base. This will encourage the plant in spring to produce lots of new growth. Important: Water them only sparingly during wintertime!

Propagation: They can be grown from either cuttings or seeds. You can grow them from cuttings at any time of the year, but it is best to do so in early summer. Then, the plant has the best chances to establish itself before winter. Sow the seeds in a greenhouse in early spring. Germination takes sometimes a while (sometimes weeks to months), so, be prepared to be patient.

List of Selected P. graveolens Hybrids:

'Bonsai Lemon Tree'
'Chicago Rose'
(Chicago Rose Scented Geranium) – Flowers: pink. Soft rose scent. Large, bushy plant.
'Grey Lady Plymouth' – Flowers: pale lilac. Foliage: silvery-green. Strong peppermint scent. The plant grows upright and quite fast.
'Joy Lucille' – Mint scent.
'Lady Diana'
'Lara Bounty'
'Lara Nomad'
'Little Gem' – Nutmeg scent.
'Old Fasioned Rose' – Flowers: pale pink, small. Foliage: deeply cut leaves. Strong rose scent.
'Princess Ann' – Lemony scent.
'Robers Lemon Rose' – Flowers: pale pink. Foliage: Strong lemony and light rose scent.
'Queen of Roses'
'Variegata' – Flowers: pale pink. Foliage: large, deeply-cut leaves. Strong rose scent.

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