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Martha Washington Geranium

Martha Washington Geranium: Despite its common name, Martha Washington is not a true geranium plant (cranesbill) but actually a pelargonium (scented geranium, storksbill). Yet, the flowers and the foliage very much resemble those of geranium!

They are placed in the regal geranium group and the scientific name is pelargonium domesticum.

Have a look at this video by Larry Grossman – It shows regal geraniums in full bloom displaying also the nice mid green foliage:

When I watched this video I figured that he is right about “What’s Old is New Again”:I remember vividly that my grandmother has been growing these pelargoniums with great success (she was also very proud and fond of them)!


Martha Washington Geraniums have spectacular big showy flowers!

The colours of the flowers range from white, purple, pink, and red to maroon. The colours can be light or very intense. Some plants only bear single coloured flowers, but others can grow bicoloured flowers. The flowers are mostly grown as singles, but sometimes the plants produce double flowers.

martha washington geranium is a regal geranium
Photo: Blueeye

Each flower measures about 4 centimetres (1.5 inches) across and the flower heads about 13-15 centimetres (5-6 inches across). Sometimes, when these plants are in full bloom, the leaves are almost invisible because they are covered with a myriad of flowers!

The blooming time and length depends on the climate. Furthermore, depending on the climate of the growing location Martha Washington’s can have repeated flushes of bloom! In order to start blooming, the plants need cool temperatures at night (about 10 degrees Celsius/50 Fahrenheit).

Yet, when it gets to hot in the summer during the day Martha Washington’s usually stop blooming (at about 21 to 27 degrees Celsius/70 to 80 Fahrenheit). And, although they like to grow in full sun to partial shade they are actually rather cold weather plants.


The foliage has a nice mid green to a dark green colour. The leaves are rounded, slightly toothed and have a somewhat crinkled appearance. They are much more serrated that than the garden geraniums.

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