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Grape Hyacinths (Muscari)

Grape hyacinths are pretty little spring flowers. Their name derives from the arrangement of the flowers: they look like a bunch of grapes. Blue coloured flowers are most common, but a white variety also exists.

Grape Hyacinths

There are about forty different species and botanically they are placed in the Hyacinthaceae family. They are native to Eurasia.

This lovely hyacinth plant is among the first spring flowers. When the days get sunnier, longer and warmer, the flowers suddenly pop up. They are easy to grow and they make excellent garden plants.

Planting these Hyacinth Plants

Blue Grape Hyacinth

First, choose a sunny or light shady location with well-drained soil (moist soil will rot the bulbs).

Dig holes that are about 8 cm deep. Then, place one or several bulbs in the holes, with their pointed end up. Cover the hyacinth bulbs with soil and water them.

That is it! Now, wait and enjoy how these flowers are flourishing and multiplying every year!

Check out another attractive hyacinth plant: the Hyacinth Flower(Hyacinthus).

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