Snowdrop Flower

The snowdrop flower is back! You can still feel the cold breeze of winter, but spring is in the air.

Snowdrop Flower

Finally! When the snowdrops start blooming, spring is on its way. The temperature gets warmer and the days longer and sunnier. And soon enough the other early spring flowers accompany the snowdrops: winter aconite and crocus flowers. This lovely little white-blooming flower is a member of the family Amaryllidaceae and has its origin in Europe.

Planting and growing snowdrops

Snowdrops are surely an enrichment for a garden. They prefer half-shady areas and and moist and hummus rich soil.

The snowdrop bulbs are planted in early autumn before the ground freezes. Dig a couple of holes into the earth, about 8 cm deep and 8 cm apart. Place several bulbs into each hole, because snowdrops like to grow in clusters. Cover them with hummus rich soil and water them.

Once they have bloomed in spring and the foliage has died back, dig the bulbs up and divide established clumps. This way, the plants stay healthier and grow better.

Snowdrop Flower

Enjoy your spring garden!

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