Rose of Jericho - Anastatica hierochuntica

The True Rose of Jericho plant belongs to the Brassicaceae family. It is a desert plant native to the Negev and Sahara desert.

This Jericho Rose is often confused with the False Jericho Rose. The true Rose is not profitable to market, yet, the false Rose is. What people know and buy as the “Rose of Jericho” is actually the False Jericho Rose.

This plant is seemingly able to survive desiccation. After the rainy season the plant dries up and curls its branches up into a tight ball, it becomes a tumbleweed. When water is available again the plant resurrects, it uncurls and turns green, just like the False Jericho Rose. This process can be repeated many times and therefore, this plant also belongs to a group of plants called resurrection plants.

Yet, actually, the plant does not really resurrect, because once the plant has dried up it died. But, the plant keeps fruits protected within its curled branches ready to break open and release seeds when the plant uncurls during the wet season.

The seeds germinate and sprout within hours when enough water is available. The seeds have an adhesive surface to stick to the soil.

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