Primrose Flower

The primrose flower belongs to the genus primula in the order primulaceae. There are many different species and the flowers come in a wide range of different colours.

Primrose Flower

These beautiful and easy to grow plants add a lot to your garden! They are popular spring flowers and are often planted together with daffodil flowers, pansy flowers and tulip flowers.

Primrose Flower, Daffodil Flower, Pansy Flowers and Tulip Flowers

Growing Primroses

These plants are easy to grow and ideal If you are new to gardening. Primroses prefer shady or half-shady places although they tolerate some amount of sunshine too. They like to be kept moist but don’t let them sit in water. In this case the roots will rot and the plant dies eventually (I can say that from my own experience ;-)).

You can get blooming plants from nurseries but they are also easy to grow from seeds.

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