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Marigold Flower (Marsh Marigold)

A couple of days ago, before Easter, I came across a beautiful marigold flower that was blooming at a small creek. The bright yellow of this flower and the clear water running next to it touched my heart. It is so good to see nature colouring up after a long grey winter!

Marigold Flower

Marigold Flower

This flower is scientifically known as Caltha palustris and belongs to the buttercup flower family (Ranunculaceae). The plant occurs on the Northern Hemisphere in temperate regions. It likes to grow in wet, partial shady places.

Marigold Flower

Caution: All parts of this flower are poisonous like a lot of other species of the buttercup family. Actually, I was once picking buttercup flowers for a bouquet for Mother’s Day. I must have touched my eyes while doing this, because the next day I had a conjunctivitis, which had to be treated with antibiotics. Anyway, my mother enjoyed her mother’s day bouquet with various wild flowers a lot and I will keep picking buttercup flowers for her!

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